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Specialty Therapy Programs at Avantara Long Grove

To assist our guests in their recovery from recent surgery, illness or injury, Avantara Long Grove offers a wide range of specialty therapy programs. Our clinical facilities feature the latest ancillary and diagnostic equipment, eliminating the inconvenience of traveling between physician offices or hospitals for tests or treatment. The specialized therapy programs we offer include, but are not limited to:

Physical Therapy

We enhance lower body strength, gait rehabilitation, and transfer and balance training, with the goal of improving balance, coordination and strength through a range of motion exercises.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

We address the need for guests to get up and move quickly to prevent any loss of mobility due to recent hip, knee and other replacement surgeries, as well as spine or back surgeries.

Speech/Language Therapy

This program evaluates and treats impairments in communication skills, cognition and/or swallowing with the overall goal of restoring the patient’s abilities.

Occupational Therapy

This program consists of motion exercises and upper body strengthening and coordination drills designed to maximize the patient’s abilities to perform the activities of daily living – including bathing, grooming and dressing.