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Residents share their experiences at Avantara Long Grove

“Her recovery is outstanding!”

I feel blessed to have chosen this facility for my mother. She was in hospice care and it was because of the team that my mother is being discharged. I really thought I wouldn't get to see my mother after I came back from Indiana. Her recovery is outstanding and I couldn't be happier of how the team has gone above and beyond with her care.

Thank you all for being so wonderful to not only my mother but to every resident in the facility.

Diana L.

“We are lucky to have (Barb).”

The first shift carries a heavy load and they are all hard workers and kind caregivers. However, if you've seen Barb in-action, you know that she takes exceptional pride in her work. Her compassion for residents shows in the extra steps she takes to ensure that they are safe, clean, well-fed, hydrated, and comfortable. Her care is consistently above and beyond the norm. 

Barb always goes out of her way to select my father's clothes, to apply lotion after his showers, and to be gentle when transferring him to and from the bed. She engages with him verbally and tells him what she's doing. You can be sure if she puts him down for a nap, his diaper will be clean, his oxygen will be turned on, his legs will be elevated, landing pads and bed alarms will be in place and the bed will be lowered to the ground. 

I've often seen Barb work through her breaks in order to provide care that's up to her standards. I've also seen her use creative ways to ensure that Dad doesn't slip out of his wheelchair and battle the atrophy that sometimes locks his limbs; she cares about his long-term well-being. 

Leaving Dad with Barb is like leaving him in the care of a family member. We are lucky to have her as one of Dad's caregivers and Avantara is lucky to have her on staff!'


Philip R.

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